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Amusement Distributors first opened the San Antonio office in 1980.  Back then we were Southgate Amusement and Vending.  John Gatens Jr., our founder still sells games out of his front office.  The rest of us try to make him happy.  Our "Parts" Manager is Michael Savage.  Michael has been selling our parts since 2003.  Our Service Manager is John Holmes (yes that IS his name).  Johnny has worked at Mountain Coin and others, but now we got him (since 2003 also).  Maggie Berryhill handles accounting and website orders..

In order to make this info page easy to understand, please accept this Q&A type listing.


Question:  I want to start a commercial game room, a new bar, or restaurant. I need games. How do I Start?

Answer:  Most location owners find a game "Operator" in their local area to provide game equipment.  Usually the operator buys all the machines and provides all the repair service.  Operators in Texas are required to be licensed and pass a background check with the State.  Texas also requires operators to purchase permit decals and maintain complete records of transactions and machine locations.  Operators usually charge a fee based on a share of the machine revenue or "split".  Operators buy their games from distributors (like us).  We can help you find an operator.  Contact the Texas State Comptroller to become an operator in Texas.

Question:  What is an amusement machine distributor?

Answer:  Game distributors sell machines for the many manufacturers in the US and from around the world. Distributors provide service and support after the sale. We help you with the logistics of delivery and setup at the location.  Today the business is all about big Pizza Game Rooms, Bars and pool halls, and small location prize merchandising.   We can help you keep up with what makes money.  You will find our company listed on most manufacturer's webpages in their "distributors" list.  In Texas we are required to hold an "Amusement Machine Import" license.

Question:  Do you sell to the public?  I'm not an "Operator".

Answer:  Yes, yes we sell to homes and large commercial locations and chains.

Question:  Do you really expect me to buy a $5000 video game on a credit card?

Answer:  No, not really.  You can if you want to.  We do hope you call us to order your machines.  If you use a credit card to purchase large ticket items on this website, we will honor the transaction, but this adds to our cost (credit card fees).  Believe it or not the 2 to 4% credit card fee is a lot to us.  Our margins are small on game machines.  Our website does allow you to place items in your cart and "play" with the numbers.  If you want us to give you a pro-forma quote directly (from your cart contents), please use the checkout process and select PURCHASE ORDER as your payment method.   This payment option does not take your credit card or obligate you in any way.  It does allow us to see what you need to buy.  Your PO spells out what options you chose and where you need it shipped.  Please don't be afraid to call for help with your order.  We can suggest machines for your type of location.  You can order anything over the phone and talk to a real person.  Monday thru Friday 8:30am to 5:30pm.  210-225-3844.  We take company checks, wire transfers and arrange financing.  We we do short term in-house financing on qualified customers.

Question:  Why are so many parts items "OUT OF STOCK"?

Answer:  We try to stock most of the most common parts used in our industry.  Our database has parts from all manufacturers and contains many parts not stocked anywhere.  Most of our stock is used by our walk-in customers in San Antonio.  We are not a large parts store, such as Happ Controls.  We sell a LOT of Happ parts, so we get better pricing than most customers.  We do have distributor access to parts from most manufacturers.  Parts from game manufacturers usually must be ordered through a distributor.  We can drop-ship most parts.  We can save you some money if you let us drop-ship from a factory.  We do not make money on shipping.  We can help you find parts. 

Question:  Why are so many game machines "OUT OF STOCK"?

Answer:  We try to showcase all products from our manufacturers.  It's a distributor thing.  We have some machines in our warehouse for our local customers to buy.  It makes no sense to stock machines and pay shipping to us and then ship to you... far away.  Double shipping is expensive.   Our warehouse could not hold all the games we represent.

Question:  The shipping estimator seems a bit high on games.  Are you marking up freight?

Answer:  To ship a game on a pallet with a truck we must use an estimate on the original sales order. Our current formula is $100 minimum plus .50 cents per pound.   When you pay with a credit card we only "Authorize" the payment.  We do not "Capture" the funds until we have a final order.  So when we do call a truck line for a pickup we get a real quote and adjust DOWN your sales order's shipping cost.  We can not  ADJUST UP a credit card transaction.  Shipping companies use special size and density calculations to determin rates.   Also attributes like  HOW MUCH INSURANCE, LIFT GATE REQUIRED or RESIDENTIAL DELIVERY can all change the way that crystal ball works.  Our humble website is not capable of interfacing with several shippers to calculate a quote.  We do it for you.  We will call you on big items and get you involved with the shipping process.

Question:  I need a game or a part that is not listed on your website.  Can you get it for me?

Answer:  Yes we can get just about anything in the game business.  For parts not list please call or email our parts department.  For games please contact sales.  

Question:  I'm a game operator. I want to finance through a company such as Firestone Financial.  How do I order from you?

Answer:  It would be helpful if you please build up your order online and select Purchase Order as the payment type.  We use this as a starting point to contact you and get you a firm pro-forma quote.  Then we get approval from Firestone.  We or Firestone sends the contract  to you to sign and then you send it back to us.  We endorse the distributor part of the contract and forward to Firestone.  You can always call and order anything from us directly.  Our website is not required.




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