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Pinball Machines Stern

Pinball Machines by Stern Pinball

Pro Versions: Designed for the street operator with simplified playfield. Long production lifespan.
Limited Edition Versions: Full 1990's "old school" multi-layer playfields.  Numbered production (200-300 units) for collectors.
Premium Edition Versions: Same game as Limited Edition but not numbered and long production life span.

Note: You must order before the next production run!  All Stern pinballs are currently OVERSOLD and even the next production run has been moved back to late April.  If you order we will call and reserve a pinball.  If no game is available your payment will be canceled. We never capture funds until we get our purchase approved.  Once approved you are locked in. We may order some units for stock.  Stock units have in-bound freight charges and will have a higher sales price.

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