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Prize Center

The Prize Center is the most valuable employee you can get! Customers feed tickets into the Prize Center, then the Prize Center counts them, shreds them, and gives the customer options for which prize they can earn. If there are tickets left over, the Prize Center prints a numbered receipt. Customers can bring these receipts back and enter the numbers into the Prize Center to claim the ticket value. This method creates repeat customers you may not have had before! The Prize Center will allow you to put many different redemption games all into one location, where they couldn't go before. It also gives you the option of hooking up to 4 Prize Dispensing Cabinets together for the maximum quantity and variety of prizes you need. STANDARD SETUP (1 BULK CABINET & 1 COIL CABINET) HOLDS UP TO 4000 PRIZES!

****Priced here with: Master Cabinet with 2 Shreaders $8399.00, 1 each Bulk Cabinet $3500.00, 1 each 9 coil cabinet $3375.00 --------- $15425.00****


  1.  Ticket Shredder/Counter with Bar Code Reader
  2.  Coin Mechanism for Buy-In Feature
  3.  Buy-In Capability to Increase Receipt Value
  4.  Works with selected Card Reader systems
  5.  Thermal Receipt printer
  6.  Interactive Sound System
  7.  Digital Display
  8.  Bookkeeping Mode
  9.  Self Diagnostic Program
  10.  Holds 40,000 Tickets
  11. High Security metal cabinets that fit through standard doorways
  12.  Computer with the Smart Database program: The only one of its kind!

DIMENSIONS: Master Cabinet 21" x 29" x 73" - Weight: 350 lbs. Bulk Vending Cabinet 27" x 33" x 73" - Weight: 324 lbs. Coil Vending Cabinet 27" x 29" x 73" - Weight: 365 lbs. (add 14" to height measurement on all cabinets after attaching headers) SHIPPING DIMENSIONS: 25" x 33" x 78" - Weight: 392 lbs. 33" x 39" x 79" - Weight: 369 lbs. 31" x 33" x 79" - Weight: 400 lbs.

  • Model: Prize Center
  • Shipping Weight: 1161lbs
  • 0 Units in Stock, - drop-ship/backorder available
  • Manufactured by: SMART INDUSTRIES CORP., MFG.

This product was added to our catalog on Thursday 12 August, 2010.

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